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Testimonials about Southcoast Greenlight

In September, 2009, I hired South Coast Green Light to install a photovoltaic system for my home. From my first meeting with Jeremy Woodsmall, to the final inspection by my local building inspector, everything went very smoothly.

During this project, there was no inconvenience to me or my family. Everyone was there at the arranged times, and the project was finished in a few days. The project was done flawlessly, and the cleanup was immaculate. Any questions I had were answered in terms that I understood.

I had always wanted to take advantage of the sun that shines on my roof for much of the day, but assumed the cost was prohibitive. I was shown by Jeremy that with government incentives that are currently available, the actual cost was minimal. There was no decision to make with what it would actually cost me and how much I would save. It was a "no brainer." South Coast Green Light filed all the paperwork for me. They did everything, making the whole process for me very easy.

My first two electric bills, for October and November, were less than 50% of what they were the year before. I was surprised it helped that much right away, as the sun is not that high in the sky in the fall, and November was a very cloudy month.

My goal is to have a month where I produce more electricity than I use. I want the electric company to send me a check for a change. How cool will that be! While I am proud to be "going green" and helping the environment, my main reason for doing this is to save myself a lot of money.

I would highly recommend South Coast Green Light to anyone considering solar. They are courteous, professional, do a clean installation, and know what they are doing. If anyone would like to talk to me or see how great my house looks with solar panels, please contact me.

Thanks again to Jeremy, Peter, and the entire crew at Southcoast Greenlight for a job very well done.


Randy Corwin

Southcoast Greenlight Solar Geothermal

Solar Panel Array by Southcoast Greenlight

Just wanted to thank everyone for my Solar Array and Geothermal System which you installed this past year. Everything is working quite well.

Follow-up on my questions was prompt and very satisfactory. Your work was excellent and always on time. I would highly recommend your company and your work.

Geothermal Installations by Southcoast Greenlight

Thanks especially to Gary and Peter for all their efforts. Best wishes for the New Year!


Susan Collins

Southcoast Greenlight Solar Geothermal

When Southcoast Greenlight installed solar panels on my garage, I believe it was the best investment I’ve ever made or ever will make. Increasing the value of my property, getting free electricity, and going green made it a win win win situation for me.

Dealing with Southcoast Greenlight was a pleasure. Always friendly and professional, they walked me through everything I had to do to take advantage of the rebates and tax incentives. They did all the paperwork and running around dealing with NSTAR, building permits and coordinating their inspections. After considering all the rebates and tax incentives that I qualified for, I paid about $3,700.00 for about $34,000.00 worth of solar panels and installation costs.

I got three estimates for installing a 4.41 KW system. One from the small, local Southcoast Greenlight, and two from big national companies, Gro-Solar and Alteris Renewables. SCGL beat the price of the bigger companies by more than half. Maybe that’s because the Vice President and the Business Manager of the company were up on the roof doing the work.

There’s one more win. They look great. See pictures.


Mark Laubenstein
Southcoast Greenlight Testimonial

Southcoast Greenlight Solar Geothermal

As of last Friday, Laura and I have begun to generate our own electricity via the sun. Check out our rack. The decision to go solar came after an end of ‘08 soul-searching session. One of my Someday/Maybes had been to investigate alternative energy options.

I called up Peter Cyr of Southcoast Greenlight, a local solar company, and he came by the house to give me an estimate the next day. Two days later (the last day of ‘08), we signed a contract on a modest system.

Our new system should cut our total utility bill in half on average over the course of a year. We’d already had a home energy audit and made a lot of changes (insulation, cfl’s etc) to reduce our energy use, the next step was to actually start producing clean energy.

The system cost less than a new SUV and over 35% of that was immediately defrayed by MA state subsidies. Another 30% (on the total) will be rebated through federal tax incentives at the close of fiscal ‘09. Massachusetts is definitely the place to do this— the Renewable Energy Trust pays out handsomely for residential and commercial projects. In addition, we received rebates for sourcing from Massachusetts companies. Our panels are Evergreen (made in Devens, MA) and our inverter, which is highly efficient, is made by Solectria (Lawrence, MA).

I cannot tell you how psyched we are to be making our own energy. It has made us even more conscious of how much power we’re using. We have a new meter which can go backwards during those summer days when we’re generating more than we’re using (that power goes back to the grid).

Go Mass! Go Solar! Go Green! Happy Earth Day

Dias Residence (3,000 sq. ft.) - Seekonk, MA
Annual Electric Usage = 5,828 kWh
Geothermal System of 6 Tons
PV System of 12.76 kW
Total Cost to Run Home = $1,165/year or $97/month
Dacquino Residence (3,600 sq. ft.) - Jamestown, RI
• Annual Electric Usage = 6,971 kWh
• Geothermal System of 8 Tons
• PV System of 7.9 kW
• Total Cost to Run Home = $1,394/year or $116/month

Antonio Residence (5,000 sq. ft.) - Rehoboth, MA
• Annual Electric Usage = 10,980 kWh
• Geothermal System of 8 Tons
• PV System of 15.87 kW
• Total Cost to Run Home = $2,196/year or $183/month

Sutherland Residence (3,248 sq. ft.) - Rehoboth, MA
• Annual Electric Usage = 11,783 kWh
• Geothermal System of 6.5 Tons
• PV System of 12.76 kW
• Total Cost to Run Home = $2,356/year or $196/month

Cyr Residence (2,000 sq. ft.) - Swansea, MA
• Annual Electric Usage = 5,600 kWh
• Geothermal System of 6 Tons
• PV System of 14.80 kW
• Total Cost to Run Home = $1,176/year or $98/month

Kielec Residence (3,000 sq. ft.) - Swansea, MA
• Annual Electric Usage = 5,675 kWh
• Geothermal System of 5 Tons
• PV System of 10.20 kW
• Total Cost to Run Home = $1,135/year or $95/month

No Roof? No Problem! We offer a customized Net Zero Solar Carport or Net Zero Ground Solar Array:
Our Solar Net Zero Solar Carports are excellent solutions for our clients. Southcoast Greenlight recently designed, constructed and installed a massive 186 kW Solar Carport for Baycoast Bank over their parking lot! If others say you can't do Net Zero solar, give us a call. A custom Net Zero Solar Carport or Net Zero Ground Solar Array are just a few possibilities!
Solar Carport

We installed Solar Systems in 1978 that are operating today! We are the ONLY CONTRACTOR in Massachusetts and Rhode Island who design and install BOTH Net Zero Solar and Geothermal Solutions!

A Net Zero Residential Future:
According to the Energy Information Administration an average home uses 936 kWh(kilowatts per hour) monthly. By installing a solar array anywhere from 2.5 kW – 5 kW an average home could reduce their electric usage in half or more (with simple energy efficiency changes). It is important to understand that every home is different in their energy consumption. That is why a thorough site analysis is needed to determine the potential of a solar array for a residential dwelling. It is always a good decision to have an energy audit completed on your home; in most cases it is necessary to receive certain state incentives.
Ground Solar Array
Net Zero Commercial:
Many businesses are finding Net Zero Photovoltaic systems (PV) to be a great financial decision. Increasing your bottom line is a constant battle many companies face. One area that you can improve on is your energy bill. A Southcoast Greenlight Net Zero solution! Investing in our Net Zero solar energy solutions, can offer short payback and long term savings through state incentives, tax credits/grants, and accelerated depreciation in many situations. It also provides your company with protection against rising utility rates and can improve your company’s image.

Many consumers are looking not only at what they are buying but what the company is doing they buy from. This will not only show that your company is environmentally conscious but also forward-thinking. We will design and install the most cost effective, Net Zero solar energy system appropriate for your site and power needs.

Solar Array Rooftop Convent

Posted by Will Gardner on April 22nd, 2009 on his blog.

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