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Our Net Zero Homes by Southcoast Greenlight mission is to make Net Zero solar / geothermal energy commonplace in our local cities and towns. Our Net Zero Homes construction designs of Solar Carports From Providence to Boston, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont our Solar photovoltaic’s work by changing the radiation from the sun into DC (direct current) electricity. That DC powers gets converted into usable AC (alternating current) electricity by the inverter. That AC power is now fed into your electrical panel. In certain situations a meter will spin backwards when your solar array is producing more electricity than your home or business is using.

Our Net Zero Homes installation and services include coming out to your home or business and conducting a complete solar and geothermal analysis at no cost. Once a thorough site analysis has been completed a comprehensive proposal will be created explaining all aspects of going solar and / or geothermal.

We installed Solar Systems in 1978 that are operating today!
We are the ONLY CONTRACTOR in Massachusetts and Rhode Island
who design and install BOTH Net Zero Solar and Geothermal Solutions!

A Net Zero Residential Future:
According to the Energy Information Administration an average home uses 936 kWh(kilowatts per hour) monthly. By installing a solar array anywhere from 2.5 kW – 5 kW an average home could reduce their electric usage in half or more (with simple energy efficiency changes). It is important to understand that every home is different in their energy consumption. That is why a thorough site analysis is needed to determine the potential of a solar array for a residential dwelling. It is always a good decision to have an energy audit completed on your home; in most cases it is necessary to receive certain state incentives.

Net Zero Commercial:
Many businesses are finding Net Zero Photovoltaic systems (PV) to be a great financial decision. Increasing your bottom line is a constant battle many companies face. One area that you can improve on is your energy bill. A Southcoast Greenlight Net Zero solution! Investing in our Net Zero solar energy solutions, can offer short payback and long term savings through state incentives, tax credits/grants, and accelerated depreciation in many situations. It also provides your company with protection against rising utility rates and can improve your company’s image.

Many consumers are looking not only at what they are buying but what the company is doing they buy from. This will not only show that your company is environmentally conscious but also forward-thinking. We will design and install the most cost effective, Net Zero solar energy system appropriate for your site and power needs.

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