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MA Solar Installers Residential:
And RI Solar Installers offer Solar thermal uses solar collectors to heat the water used in your home. By circulating an FDA approved propylene glycol solution through a closed loop system you are able to raise the temperature of your normal town or well water. This in turn reduces the amount of fossil fuels needed to heat your domestic hot water. Depending on how your home’s designed for its hot water depends on how the system will be engineered. The size of your system will depend on the size of your family. These systems will supplement a majority of your homes domestic hot water use, usually at least 50% up to 80%.

No Roof for Solar? No Problem! We offer a customized Solar Carport or Ground Solar Array:
A Solar Carport was the solution we provided for one New England business. Southcoast Greenlight recently designed, constructed and installed a massive 186 kW Solar Carport for Baycoast Bank over their parking lot! If others say you can't do solar, give us a call. A custom Solar Carport or Ground Solar Array are just a few possibilities!Solar Carport
One of the largest commercial solar thermal projects in New England was recently completed by Southcoast Greenlight! Visit the CASE STUDY.
Hilco Commercial Solar
Click on link below and click on Hilco on left side of page to view up to minute data streaming live.
Solar Example

Solar thermal technology can also be used in a commercial application as well. It can be used to help offset some of the business’s space heating costs. By utilizing unused roof area, solar collectors can be placed in areas usually thought of as unusable. A solar thermal system can be engineered to provide heat to certain areas of a warehouse. It also makes a statement that your business is progressive and environmentally conscious.

Our services include coming out to your home or business and conducting a complete solar analysis at no cost. Once a thorough site analysis has been completed a comprehensive proposal will be created explaining all aspects of going solar. From Providence to Boston, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont- We are ready when you are!

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