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Massachusetts Free Energy! Get 2024 Geothermal Rebates!

Current 2024 Federal Tax Incentive known as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) will cover 30% of our Southcoast Greenlight install.

Resident in Massachusetts? MA homeowners qualify for a 2024 $15,000 rebate for a new Southcoast Greenlight Geothermal system.

More Geothermal Rebates: up to $2 per square foot of conditioned space, are available through the Alternative Energy credits.

MassSave Heat Loans, up to $50,000 are available Interest Free for 7 years! Best we have seen! Acheive Massachusetts Free Energy!

In 2023, we have never seen a better time for Geothermal Rebates and Incentives until now! 2024 Let's go!

Contact us today, the experts since 1978!

About Us:
Southcoast Greenlight Energy company is a full service renewable energy contractor specializing in both solar and geothermal HVAC design and installation. Experts in Geothermal Rebates and incentives, our additional services include energy recovery, batteries, and EV charging stations. Southcoast Greenlight is the only family owned and operated company in MA and RI able to guide you in building and designing Net-Zero Homes. Massachusetts Free Energy is possible!

The Geothermal experts of Soutcoast Greenlight are experts on getting you the most Geothermal Rebates possible! We help you qualify for Geothermal Rebates with our Net Zero homes.

All of our Geothermal Heat Pumps are Energy Star and AHRI certified. We are IGSHPA certified and MassSave approved contractors. We specialize in making sure everything is done in-house. This includes closed loop well design, heat load calculations, sheet metal fabrication, ductwork installation, and in-floor radiant systems. Geothermal Rebates have never been better! Contact our Geothermal Expert Installers for more info.

Whether it be residential or commercial, we make sure nothing but Tier 1 materials are used. Our services include both residential and commercial pitched rooftop, flat ballasted arrays, ground arrays, and carports. We go the extra mile by using pass-thru boxes and all-black panels to ensure the system is aesthetically pleasing. Massachusetts Free Energy is possible!

Our geothermal services include:
Geothermal Rebates research and paperwork, MA Geothermal and RI Geothermal HVAC Systems, Geothermal Design, Geothermal Heat Loss Calculations, Closed Loop design and Install, Standing Column Well Design and Install, Sheet Metal Fabrication and Install, Radiant Heat design and install.

We Accept the Net Zero Challenge Contact Us to find out more!

Geothermal Rebates and our geothermal contractors and our MA geothermal installers offer Net Zero Construction of MA Solar Installers and RI Solar Installers of Massachusetts geothermal installers offering closed loop installation, HVAC, standing column well installation and radiant heat. Massachusetts solar installers offering, solar ground mounted arrays, solar carports design engineering and construction. If you don't want to hire a company that can't do it all, hire a company that does: Southcoast Greenlight! We love telling our customers about Massachusetts Geothermal Rebates, now is the time and Southcoast Greenlight is the place!

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